Our Values

By working together with our clients and following the principles of Premium Service, Qualityand Safety, we continue to strengthen our excellent reputation in the marketplace as a cost effective, responsive and valued organisation.Our reputation has been built on the quality service that permeates every level of our organisation, and we strive for continuous innovation and improvement across all facets of our business.

Our approach to delivering any project is based on establishing working relationships founded on trust and dedication,and to achieve common goals withan appreciation of other people’s expectations and values. Staff are the cornerstone of any business, we place great value on our staff and in order to improve the livelihood of the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea we foster an inhouse employment and mentoring program for young nationals.

We understand the need to achieve a balance between our operational objectives and the increasingly important social, cultural and environmental responsibilities that we hold as an organisation. Our responsibility begins within the communities in which we conduct our business, and we assist these communities through ongoing sponsorship and support programs,in order that theybe better places to live and work.