Health and Safety

Our approach to health and safety is based on communication, learning, vigilance and improvement and we have very effective health and safety risk management procedures and practices in place. The most important resource we have is our staff, we value their safety and continually strive to protect and enhance the health, safety and well-being of all persons affected by our activities.

NC Civil Works guarantees that our employees comply with all applicable laws and industry standards and that they are suitably qualified and competent for the tasks they are to perform. All employees are trained in safe working practices and we ensure that they are supplied with all the necessary personal protective equipment. This policy not only safeguards our employees, it ensures our clients’ satisfaction, knowing that their projects are successfully completed with a total commitment to safety.

NC Civil Works has established and maintains an occupational health and safety management system based on statutory legislation, Papua New Guinea Standards, current best practices and our clients expressed requirements. The system, including all documented safe working procedures is regularly reviewed to ensure that they are current and identify areas for improvement.